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Anti-Aging Integrative Dentistry

Anti-Aging Integrative Dentistry

Welcome, since its inception, my dental office, Synergy Dental Group, in Sonoma, California, has been a destination for  Whole Body Dental Health.  Built on solid CANI ( Constant and Never Ending Improvement) Philosophies, our clients trust our team to provide them with exceptional service, quality of care, and demand no less than exceptional.   This website is dedicated to my passions in life. Learn about the entrepreneurial side of Kimberly Hubenette and ways I’ve learned to create an Extraordinary Lifestyle!!!



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Click on my dental website to learn more about SYNERGY DENTAL GROUP SERVICES that I mentor dentists that have the same passion.  If you are looking for a dentist that can help you transform your health, schedule an appointment with me in Sonoma at http://www.synergydentalgroup.net

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As a mentor for health and entrepreneurs, I  have a passion for helping people create a Brand for themselves.  Don’t know where to start as a new business owner????  Want FREE HELP with Social Media, Creating Videos? and Marketing yourself ????? The best value is to build trust with your customers.  Here is where I learned how Via BRANDING YOUNIVERSITY

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Wine Country Living with  Boissett Collection Wines & Custom Wine Labels

I live in Wine Country, What can I say????  I love wine….An Extraordinary Lifestyle means surrounding yourself with only the best in Wine, Health, and Living.  Create an Extraordinary Lifestyle by joining my wine club family.

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VITALITY: Join our network of Nrf2 Activation Lovers, Distribution to help more than just yourself. Help the world become healthy….

Biohacking genetics with nutrition is the basis of my mission in Life.  Looking to change your health, life, or career, contact me for more information to join our team.

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