How we keep the “PUPPY” in our older dogs


Rosco and Loki Hubenette have been walking in Skyhawk for over 11 years. Rosco is an 11 year old male mixed Golden Retriever, Stafford Hound, Corgi, and Loki is a 13 ½ year old female black Labrador retriever.

The Hubenette family adopted Loki, 13 years ago in San Diego. One day a stranger walked by with some puppies and offered Kim to choose one. Loki was chosen because she had the biggest paws. Grandpa Hubenette would walk her daily, while her parents were working and all the girls in the neighborhood were crazy about the “LG” Little Girl” , her nickname. She loves to walk on grass and doesn’t really like the pavement. Loki is very smart; she thinks she is human. Mark trained her very well; She only had two accidents while being potty trained.


Rosco, was adopted from the Kellsyville Animal Shelter, when he was approximately 6 months old. The Hubenettes’ took Loki, then 2, to find a friend. The deal was if she found a friend that she liked, they could take him home. Chester, as the shelter called him, was, shy, meek, and afraid of his own tail. He hid when Loki went to say hello. But she kept trying to befriend him and finally he came out of the bushes. He was curious to see who this persistent, tail wagging dog was who would not leave him alone. Since then, they are inseparable. Since he didn’t know his own name, The Hubenette’s decided to rename him to Rosco. When they took him home, he was so weak, that he didn’t even know how to climb stairs, nor eat standing up. To this day, Rosco still lies down while he eats. Although he’s still shy, he loves to roam, hes’ now the mischievous one and is the runner.

You will see Loki and Rosco weekdays at 7am walking with Kimberly, doing their daily routine. They love meeting their early morning friends , dogs and humans alike, They don’t like to change their morning walk path, even if it means a longer walk to Kim’s dismay. They don’t know they are cheating themselves out of a longer walk; they just want their routine. In the Mornings, they see their human friend, Leo, almost every day, and look for Mr. Bill the man that loves to give them hugs. Rosco has a girlfriend named Ruby, but she doesn’t know it.

Loki and Rosco must know how to tell days, because on Saturdays and Sundays, they know their morning walk up the hill is to turn right instead of left. They know their weekend routine as well.

They love to pass by their friend, Toki’s house, and often see their friend Emma , Max, and Sprinkles. They also hope to run into the treat lady when they walk by the park.  In the evening, looking for kritters, they’ve run into into a skunk or two, snakes, raccoons, and cats…. They’ve seen it all.

Loki and Rosco keep agile and healthy by taking their daily probiotics and Petandim, which reduces oxidative damage by 40% within 30 Days. Since one human year is equal to 7 dog years, Reducing oxidation means a slowing down the process. We all want our dogs to live longer, and this helps give them energy to have fun and play like puppies.   Both Doggies have a great, fun, leisurely life living in Skyhawk.

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