Once In A Lifetime You Get To Start Over

What happens when you survive the worst day in your life?

Sophia woke one morning with her home in flames and her life as she knew it, forever changed.

Her soul-mate was gone and all she had left were letters and clues from him urging her to never stop growing, to never forget the lessons that he taught her about living in the wilderness.

An extraordinary story about learning how to live again with the most basic of supplies and a desire to prove to herself that she can survive on her own.

Dedicated to all the women and men who have survived their soulmates. This book is for you. It is an inspirational book of one woman’s account of learning how to cope with being alone, and being forced to survive after losing everything cherished in life; her home, all personal items, her life partner, her husband.

Reader’s Love the Book!

What an adventure!

Easy-to-read and fast-paced Book. A story of sadness, grief and joy. Survival skill tips are also embedded in the adventure! Interesting combination.

Difficult to start over, but can be achieved!

Liked the positive approach, and how the author made her husband’s life count for all that loved him!


Throughly enjoyed this book!

A love story–a determination and resilience story–a living off the grid story–all rolled into one. The intertwined themes made for a compelling read. The survival lists section at the end of the book was a great reminder that the best way to prepare for any natural disaster is to be proactive rather than reactive–shorter version, Be Prepared!

~Donald E F.


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