“It is hard to make a decision but you just have to think about what life is bringing you and what type of things are going to make you happy.” —Dr. Kimberly Hubenette


In the journey of life, we often come across obstacles that can either hold us back or push us forward. The important thing is how we perceive and approach these challenges. Adopting a mindset that sees challenges as opportunities for growth and success empowers us to rise above adversity and use it as a catalyst for development. This mindset not only helps us overcome obstacles but also fuels our determination to achieve things.

This week, Daniel and Dr. Kimberly Hubenette reveal how we can unleash our potential and live life to the fullest. Dr. Kimberly Hubenette is a dentist of over 30 years who has found success not only in her dental practice but also as an author and speaker, motivating others through sharing her story of overcoming adversity and deciding to live life to the fullest.

Tune in as Dr. Hubenette relates how she was able to take control of her life after facing immense loss, build a thriving dental practice, and reinvent herself as an author and speaker. Daniel and Dr. Hubenette also share the importance of asking for help during tough times, how challenging ourselves can give us the confidence to keep growing, how to make bold decisions, as well as mental preparation tips to help us find our purpose even in adversity.